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We Use the Latest in Dental Technology
Anthony Dentistry is proud to implement the latest technology - both equipment and products - to care for our patients.

State-of-the-Art Dental Equipment
CEREC Crowns: custom-fitted, beautiful ceramic crowns milled in-office using image acquisition electronics, an infrared camera, CEREC 3D software, and milling unit. CEREC technology allows us to complete your restoration in one visit - eliminating temporary crowns and multiple visits.

Digital radiography: instant x-rays that drastically reduce the amount of radiation exposure to the patient. Your x-rays can be enlarged and shown on an overhead monitor.

Intra-oral camera: small device that takes pictures and videos inside your mouth. See what the dentist sees as he sees it.

Panorex: an “ear to ear” x-ray showing your teeth, their roots, the bones, joints and tissue

Diagnodent: laser that detects cavities at an early stage, even before they can be seen on x-rays

Fiber optics: special lighted handpieces that are detached and sterilized for each patient

Pelton and Crane patient chairs: state of the art comfort with back massage feature

Dentrix software: computer stations at each chair allow you to view your customized treatment plan

Audio and video feeds for each patient chair: Bring your own music CD or watch a relaxation video.

New Products to Enhance Your Smile and Your Experience
Cavity Shield: a clear fluoride varnish that greatly reduces cavities for adults and teenagers. It also desensitizes teeth.

Debacterol: medication for painful mouth sores that begins healing after a single 5 second application

Viroxyn: medication that heals most cold sores with one treatment

Oraqix:  needle-free anesthesia for deep cleaning. The tissue is fully numbed in 30 seconds.

Theragum and Theramints: contains 100% xylitol to increase saliva in dry mouths and help prevent cavities

Tooth and Gum tonic: an all natural mouthwash that quickly soothes and heals inflamed, swollen and bleeding gums. Tooth and Gum tonic is rated the #1 breath mouthwash by Clinical Research Associates and is available only at your dentist’s office.

After care treats: warm, moist, scented towels and soothing lip balm

Coming soon: high-energy milkshakes after comprehensive treatments


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